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Frequently Asked Questions

1)   Do people have to be a member or can they pay to come to the club by the day?
People must be club members or guests of a member. 

2)  Is there a membership wait list?  Do we limit our memberships?
There is not a wait list at this time. We do sometimes sell out memberships in late May or early June, at which time we are able to offer alternative memberships that do not include the prime times. We do have limits to our memberships.

4)  Is there a bond in addition to the annual dues?  Are there other hidden costs?
 No bond is required to be a part of the Padonia Park Club family. Members join on an annual basis. Membership fees include everything except food, beverages, some special events, and aquatic program participation. 

5)  Do you have to join everyone in your family?
Families may include anyone who resides in the same household and is listed on the same Federal Tax Return. However, not everyone in the household is required to join. 

6)  Do you have to be a member to participate in swim lessons, the swim team or dive team?
Yes, you must be a Padonia Park Club member to participate in our aquatic programs.

7)  Do we offer swim lessons outside of the summer season?
  No, we have only an outdoor facility, which opens the Saturday before Memorial Day and closes on Labor Day each year.

8)  Can we use the park once the club is closed for the season?
     Club members may use the tennis courts and picnic grounds throughout the winter months. A courtesy call letting us know you are coming is appreciated. Keep in mind, no glass containters or pets permitted.  

9)  Do we have hiking trails?
  Padonia Park Club provides a great walking arena by road as well as a few smaller wooded walks that begin at the end of the west parking area.

10)  Do we supply sports equipment for the sports areas?
       We provide all of the sports supplies for all of our sports areas except tennis.To obtain the equipment, one must leave a driver's license in the First Aid room as a deposit. Tennis players must bring their own racquets and balls.

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